1 product platform,
1 maintenance concept?
SHERPA only!


You can count on sherpa – for the long haul.

Low maintenance and low cost due to the use of high-grade components and a large number of identical components, are some of the amazing general benefits of the »SHERPA«. No wonder that the »SHERPA« can be serviced in a minimum of time. Goldhofer offers excellent service support with a 24/7 hotline and maximum spare parts availability.

With »SHERPA«, you receive more value for your money due to high availability and maintainability, low Total Cost of Ownership and strong investment security. No matter if »SHERPA« D or »SHERPA« E.

– Maximum availability, low downtimes, long life cycle
– Low maintenance costs and low Total Cost of Ownership
   (calculated on a 10 years basis)
– Large tank for two-shift operation
– »IonMaster« Technology for 24 h OPS

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High maintenance efficiency