100,000 lbs Towed load
on a 3%-slope?
SHERPA only!



»SHERPA« offers the best overall performance in cargo and baggage transport. The new tow tractors score especially high in four categories: Towed load, Maneuverability, Ergonomics and Reliability. 

– Vehicle weight from 8,000 lbs to 18,000 lbs and up to 180,000 lbs towed load
– Speeds up to 18 mph
– Excellent maneuverability – small turning radius of 13 ft

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With a towed load of up to 180,000 lbs »SHERPA« reaches a top speed of up to 18mph. Even on a 3% slope, »SHERPA« is able to tow a 100,000 lbs. Powerful Diesel engines or electric motors allow for high performance under any conditions.


»SHERPA« is easy to operate and offers excellent flexibility. The proven front-axle design allows maximum maneuverability with optimized axle suspension. Even with an 180,000 lbs load, »SHERPA«’s small turning radius of 13 ft makes for effortless cargo and baggage handling.


»SHERPA«’s compact design and well arranged cockpit, with its ergonomic seating position, offers uncomparable driver comfort – available in full cabin, canopy, or open top versions. Lower and wider cabin access facilitates easy operation. The 360° view allows for safe tractor handling and an optimized workflow. The dual-circuit brake system, with an independent parking brake circuit, provides maximum protection whenever you need it.


The endurance and robustness that come from »SHERPA«’s high quality components, make it the perfect vehicle for an airport environment. The large tank is adequate for a two-shift operation and the low maintenance effort allows high availability. Whether the diesel or the electric version, you can count on »SHERPA« during every shift for the long haul.